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Nothing is better than a face-to-face consult, and that's always our preference, but these are difficult times and we need to adapt quickly. The world of virtual healthcare is still in its infancy, but we're launching some new tool to help patients and physicians stay connected.

At Seton Family Healthcare, we like "old-school" medicine, where we get to know you and your family, and where we're able to talk to you and examine you properly. At the moment, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the ever-changing recommendations about social distancing and self-isolation, this is as challenging for family doctors as it is for patients... people are still sick with other things, right? People still have pain, cancer, diabetes, mental health issues. That's what we treat on a daily basis, and we still want to help you.

Please remember, our clinic IS still open, and if you're not sure about coming in, click HERE for the latest guidelines. For now, if you're not able to be seen in our office, many of our physicians are using phone consults (phone our office to set up your appointment).


We now offer secure email, and we hope to be launching video chats soon.

PLEASE NOTE: We're currently only offering this service to patients of Dr Anderton.

Remember, this is NOT Babylon Health, another product offered by Telus you may have seen in the news.

This is direct communication between you and our office, and with you regular family physicians.

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Click HERE to email us to get signed up, or phone in to let us send you the registration email.

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