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If you are in doubt about your symptoms, or if you're not sure if should come in, please dial 811, use the COVID Self-Assessment Tool, or click HERE.

We are promoting a calm, rational approach, and we strongly believe in common sense and good judgement.

Please be careful what you read in the news and on social media. Information is everywhere and is immediately available at our fingertips (more so than in the entire history of civilization), and not all of it is accurate. There's some fear-mongering for sure, but there are also well-meaning people on the internet who are just trying to help. We get it, and sure, everyone looks up stuff on the internet.

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If you test positive for COVID-19, Alberta Health will contact you, as will your family physician. The guidelines we follow are HERE:

We prefer information from the World Health Organization, the Public Health Agency of Canada and Alberta Health, to name a few. Everything stated on this website is reviewed and updated daily, and fact-checked. You'll see links titled "SOURCE: " so you know exactly where the information came from.

This clinic website is tailored more towards Albertans, and meant to be a guideline for the patients at Seton Family Healthcare, as well as anyone in the surrounding communities of south-east Calgary. Right now, there's a lot of information out there, and not all of it is true or accurate; while we will try to stay up to date, information changes daily, so please bear with us. There's a lot to process.


Since we really have no idea what’s going to happen in the next few weeks, access to healthcare may be limited, or the very ill may have to be prioritized. We still care about you, but we have to help the sickest people first.


Remember, although you might not have any major symptoms, there are so many people in our community that already have lung diseases and weakened immune systems. Absolutely, please prioritize your families, but this is a global problem now (pandemic)…  Please think about your neighbours and other members of our community.

Let's work together and help those with greater needs.

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